I had a car accident in 1988 and never quite recovered to the way that I once was. I found myself more unstable and not quite in control. My handwriting was worse and I had a slurred speech. I thought this was due to the accident and that it would come right with time.

Two years later I finally decided to get diagnosed. After spending a week in hospital undergoing numerous tests, I came out with the diagnosis of Spino Cerebella Ataxia (SCA) and told there was no cure.

An appointment was made for me at a genetic councillor to further discuss how to handle this and what the best way forward would be. I was given medication to try and exercise’s to do, but nothing seemed to help. I was also told that the disease was progressive so to expect it to gradually get worse.

After the initial shock I realized I had to try and stop the progression and did a bit of research. I searched the internet for homeopathic medicines that could help with SCA. I found pills that seemed to stabilise me, but the problem with this was that my body soon became immune to them and they didn’t do what they were supposed to. Because of this I had to change the pill concoction every so often.

By doing this I managed to stabilize myself for approximately 15 years, but now I was running out of medicine to try since I had literally tried every pill under the sun that was linked to the cerebellum.

Thank goodness whilst researching for other concoctions of medicine I came across a website about Gluten Ataxia which stated that 40% of all sporadic ataxia’s are linked to gluten intake.

Excitedly, I started to do some research into Gluten Ataxia and the diet. I sorted out a diet for myself and was amazed at the improvement. I found that I was better off on the diet than on any concoction of pills and that in only 2 weeks saw a remarkable difference.

I had good days and bad days, but then found the link between gluten and yeast so I began refining my diet even more to cut out the yeast.  I would like to refer you to a very interesting newsletter by the Denver Naturopathic Clinic of how I came to my conclusion for the diet that I am now following and suggest.

I know that these diets have only been “suggested/proven” to treat gluten ataxia, but in my opinion a human was never designed to eat either gluten or yeast and we don’t need it to get our nutrients. I think that everybody with any type of Ataxia, Celiac Disease or Candia Overgrowth should get the authorization from their Doctor to try the gluten and yeast free diets for a month to see if it makes a difference. If for some reason it fails to help, the diets will be beneficial in the way of better health.

Although there is a link between Gluten Ataxia, Celiac disease and Candida Overgrowth I have created 3 separate forums for discussion on the individual diseases.